In the years immediately following the passing of Walt Chyzowych in 1994, the Walt Chyzowych Memorial Fund was a tax exempt 509 (a) (1) corporation and could distribute collected funds in the form of scholarships to both United Soccer Coaches (then NSCAA) Coaching Academies and US Soccer Coaching Schools. These scholarships granted one-third of the tuition cost to the coaching candidate who paid a third of the tuition to the respective organization which forgave the additional third. A great number of scholarships could be given under these guide lines as is evidenced by the number of recipients listed in the Scholarship section.

In later years, it became necessary to streamline the program and bring it under the auspices of the United Soccer Coaches Foundation which governed the award of scholarships and grants under a formula which protected the life-long viability of the now named Walt Chyzowych Fund.

As such, since 2012 a limited number of full scholarships have been awarded to United Soccer Coaches Coaching Academies. In addition, with the growth of the Fund under United Soccer Coaches Foundation guidelines, a grant to a non-profit soccer organization to have a United Soccer Coaches Coaching Course delivered to their Coaching membership became possible, We anticipate, and hope, that with increased contributions to the Fund more than one scholarship and grant will be awarded in the coming years.

In this way, the Walt Chyzowych Fund now reaches out to individuals and organizations in the accomplishment of the overall objective of ensuring the promulgation of Walt’s legacy long term.